February 21, 2010


Absolutely go to any of their shows near your area, both bands are amazingly good on stage, and the nicest guys ever !

HARM'S WAY new song & new 7"

Harm's Way from Chicago, Illinois, puts an amazing new song called "Fantasy" that will be featured on their new 7" titled "No Gods No Masters", out in March on Closed Casket Activities ! Pre-orders coming up next week, can't wait !!! New shit is sooo heavy goddayyyuuummmmm !

UNBROKEN exclusive show in UK

Life. Love. Regret

TRC new video clip for "Bastard"

New video clip for TRC's "Bastard" song, taken off their latest effort "The revolution continues", their best release so far !

February 9, 2010

PAY NO RESPECT two new songs online

Pay No Respect, hailing from United Kingdom, recently put out two new songs on their myspace ! The band also have new merch pre-orders up on their Big Cartel store here, and they will do a European Tour with my label mates from 8Control from February 18th to February 28th !

February 6, 2010

RUCKUS two new songs free download

Ruckus from Los Angeles, California, just put two new songs up for free download, songs are called "Damn age" and "Dead weight", so go download them here and enjoy ! Cuz believe me, you will !!! They will appear on a split 7" that will be out someday soon ! They will also release a split cd with four new songs on it, with their amazing fellows from Xibalba and World Of Pain !!!

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