October 12, 2008

Playlist of the moment

Energy - Invasions Of The Mind

Alpha & Omega - Devil's Bed

Take Offense - Peace In Death

Your Time Ends - World Omega

Cro Mags - Alpha Omega

Bad Seed - Demo 2008

Shinto Katana - Cold Streets

Alea Jacta Est & Fat Ass - Split cd

October 10, 2008

Last To Remain European Assault Tour

Here are the final tour dates & poster, see you at one of these shows !
Norwegian Beatdown Platoon at its finest, you will dig it, peep it !

October 9, 2008

Billy Club Sandwich new cd & European Tour

Finally, Billy Club Sandwich is back with a brand new release featuring 8 new songs including a Sheer Terror cover & enhanced cd with bonus video footage, it's out now and available through Dead City Records !

They recently put a new song called "Turning Point" on their myspace, and believe me this is real ill shit, go check it asap !

To support this new Bronx hardcore styled album, they are going on a European Tour with Onesta in October and will hit Paris on October 16th at Le Klub with Onesta & You Lose!, so be there absolutely !

October 6, 2008

Nothing But A Beatdown Webzine is dead...long live Nothing But A Beatdown Blogzine

So yeah, as many of you have noticed, I haven't updated the webzine @ www.nothingbutabeatdown.com in a fucking while... simple reason, I have some web programming problems on the site and I still have to correct these, or totally change the full webzine site, dunno what to do yet !

But as the label Nothing But A Beatdown Records is going quite good lately, I mean lots of news and projects going for late 2008 and the whole to-be-awesome year 2009, I also wanted to have a site where i can give exposure to the bands I love and shit, you know the deal by the way, again the main goal behind my Nothing But A Beatdown activities !

So here we are, ready to please you all with cool Heavy Hardcore interviews, reviews, news and whatever we will love to talk about ! Hope you'll enjoy it one more time !

Feel free to give us any feedbacks on this page so we will be able to improve the blog !

Thanks a million for the interest & support !

Arnaud - Nothing But A Beatdown

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