December 11, 2008

8CONTROL "Catharsis Act II" online now

Just go on the 8CONTROL website & the NBAB DIGITAL myspace to download this new French Heavy Hardcore masterpiece ! It's FREE - It's for ME !

November 27, 2008

8CONTROL "Catharsis Act II" out next week

Be on the lookout for this new amazing 8CONTROL release ! Their "Catharsis Act I" is still available for free download through the band myspace and the NBAB DIGITAL myspace !

New signing on Nothing But A Beatdown Records : GOLDEN DISTRICT from France

We're really proud to announce a brand new signing on Nothing But A Beatdown Records : GOLDEN DISTRICT from Nantes, France ! If you're into bands like Allegiance, Internal Affairs, No Turning Back & Down To Nothing, you'll totally fall in love with this very promising French band in the genre ! Their new cd "Heavier than King Kong's nutz" is planned for a late January 2009 street-release ! They just put on their myspace a brand new song (unmastered version though) titled "Fall down" to be featured on the upcoming album, so please go have a listen and hope you will enjoy it !

DANFORTH "No Fear 2 Bleed" new EP online

Lotsa news & updates lately on the NBAB DIGITAL side, and the most important one is the new French band from Paris we're supportin', the one & only DANFORTH which is offering ya all their brand new 6 tracks full EP titled "No Fear 2 Bleed", all of this for free download through their myspace and the NBAB DIGITAL myspace ! Spread that shit guys ! Hope you'll like it again !

Download the new EP for free here:

November 15, 2008

RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR demo 2008 online

We are proud to announce the addition of a new member to the evergrowing NBAB DIGITAL Family, I named RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR, a pretty young & promising band from Paris/France, influenced by bands such as Madball, Hatebreed, Terror, Biohazard & the almighty Suicidal Tendencies !
Their 2 tracks Demo 2008 is now online and available for free download through the NBAB DIGITAL myspace here !

Check them out now :

November 14, 2008

8CONTROL are booking their Belgium/Germany Tour for February 2009

More infos and booking email contacts soon...

LAST TO REMAIN home from tour/new song/new promo pictures online/Fire & Ice Fest

We all came back home safe after the amazing LAST TO REMAIN European Assault Tour, except we're all sick as hell ahah, and I really wanna thank all the people involved with it, all the nice promotors, old & new friends, dudes who made us stay/sleep at their places, the list is truly endless if I start listing all of you, just a BIG THANK YOU from the L2R & NBAB army ! You can check some Tour pictures on the LAST TO REMAIN myspace here !

We attended a new band promo pictures shooting while being in Paris as well, this photo session went so smooth and turned into really cool pictures, thanks to my good friend Marla Bloom ! Pictures vieawable on L2R myspace as well ! Visit Marla Bloom website here and hope you will like her talented work !

Lots of news concerning the True Norwegian Beatdown Metal fellaz : right before leaving for the tour, they put online on their myspace (as well as on the NBAB Records myspace) a brand new song called "Front towards enemy" recorded for their upcoming split cd with SUN TZU from Australia ! Watch out for an early 2009 release !

Last but not least, LAST TO REMAIN will play the to-be-awesome FIRE & ICE FEST in Linköping-Sweden on the 23 & 24 of January 2009 !

Two new FILLED WITH HATE RECORDS masterpieces available now

My close friends from Germany running Filled With Hate Records will have two new awesome releases out by the end of November : the highly awaited debut album of SUFFER THE LIVING called "War is all I know" as well as a new mcd from THE PLATOON titled "Like hyenas in the desert"... no need to say you will have to BUY these releases once they're out !

Go check the bands' myspace to hear some new tunes :

And before I forgot, do yourself a favor, and go spend some X-mas cash here and say NBAB love them :

October 12, 2008

Playlist of the moment

Energy - Invasions Of The Mind

Alpha & Omega - Devil's Bed

Take Offense - Peace In Death

Your Time Ends - World Omega

Cro Mags - Alpha Omega

Bad Seed - Demo 2008

Shinto Katana - Cold Streets

Alea Jacta Est & Fat Ass - Split cd

October 10, 2008

Last To Remain European Assault Tour

Here are the final tour dates & poster, see you at one of these shows !
Norwegian Beatdown Platoon at its finest, you will dig it, peep it !

October 9, 2008

Billy Club Sandwich new cd & European Tour

Finally, Billy Club Sandwich is back with a brand new release featuring 8 new songs including a Sheer Terror cover & enhanced cd with bonus video footage, it's out now and available through Dead City Records !

They recently put a new song called "Turning Point" on their myspace, and believe me this is real ill shit, go check it asap !

To support this new Bronx hardcore styled album, they are going on a European Tour with Onesta in October and will hit Paris on October 16th at Le Klub with Onesta & You Lose!, so be there absolutely !

October 6, 2008

Nothing But A Beatdown Webzine is dead...long live Nothing But A Beatdown Blogzine

So yeah, as many of you have noticed, I haven't updated the webzine @ in a fucking while... simple reason, I have some web programming problems on the site and I still have to correct these, or totally change the full webzine site, dunno what to do yet !

But as the label Nothing But A Beatdown Records is going quite good lately, I mean lots of news and projects going for late 2008 and the whole to-be-awesome year 2009, I also wanted to have a site where i can give exposure to the bands I love and shit, you know the deal by the way, again the main goal behind my Nothing But A Beatdown activities !

So here we are, ready to please you all with cool Heavy Hardcore interviews, reviews, news and whatever we will love to talk about ! Hope you'll enjoy it one more time !

Feel free to give us any feedbacks on this page so we will be able to improve the blog !

Thanks a million for the interest & support !

Arnaud - Nothing But A Beatdown

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