September 16, 2009

THE BURDEN "Catholic guilt" EP free download

The Burden has to be one of my fave bands lately, since I posted their "Depressed breath" video on my personal Facebook page, I can't stop listening to this band ! Caleb recently told me that their not-out-yet "Catholic guilt" 7" might become a real 12" instead ! As of now, you can download for free the 5 song EP here ! Seriously, go check this band, download the EP and show them some love, they're truly awesome !

DISEMBODIED Rare & B-sides cd out now

Finally, it's available !!! Prime Directive Records recently release Disembodied's "Psalms of sheol" CD, a collection of out of print, rare and unreleased tracks. It features 13 tracks taken from the "Existence in suicide" CDep, "Confession" & "Bootleg" 7"s and various compilations, including their Metallica "Creeping death" cover version ! Did I mention it was a beautiful digipack and that all the tracks were remastered to sound as heavy as the band can be !!! Contact the label to order your copy !

MOURNINGSIDE Debut 7" out soon

Coming outta Orange County, California, please welcome Mourningside ! Their highly expected debut 7" titled "Confessions of disbelief" will be out in October through Hard Press Records, can't wait for this to be released ! As of now, go listen to the songs on the band's myspace, will please all lovers of '90s styled new school heavy hardcore ala Disembodied, Culture and the likes !!!

September 12, 2009

WAYFARER Discovery of the day

Just discovered them few minutes ago, so not much to say, except Wayfarer fuckin' kill it being influenced by bands such as Integrity, Ringworm & In Cold Blood ! They will have their debut full length titled "I : The days have gone done in the west" out in October on Carry The Weight Records. Check the amazing tracks on the band's myspace ! You'll thank me after that !

WRITHE Two new songs online

I already talked about this cool band called Writhe from UK, and I still remember their good live performance when I saw them when they played with Providence in London few months ago ! This time, the band just posted on their myspace two new killer songs, go (re)discover this young and very promising band !

September 10, 2009

PURGATORY New full length out soon

Here's a sneak preview of the cover art for the new album of France's hardest band Purgatory ! It's been done by Raf Wechterowicz, this second full length named "For the love of violence" will be out real soon, stay tuned, we'll let you all know once it's out ! I think the band is still and always looking for shows, so hit them up if you wanna set up a show for them in your area !

SANCTIFY HER DEATH New EP droppin' soon

Sanctify Her Death from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, just put on their myspace some new songs off their new EP "Murderous Deities" which will be released next October 2009. The demo and their "Lacerations" cd were good, but this new EP is gonna be amazing ! They got a new singer and the new tracks are really hard as fuck ! Think about a destructive mixture of Hardcore, Death, Thrash and Grind. Note that Sanctify Her Death was spawned in late 2007 by Built Upon Frustration guitarist Derek Kovacs and Passover singer Jack Wright (remember that old split CD with the almighty No Retreat ?!).


CONCRETE REALITY Pennsylvania Hardcore

Concrete Reality is a band coming straight outta Scranton, PA. I had the chance to see them live this summer and they are really good ! Not so easy to describe their style as they have many different influences. Just check them out !


THE ICE New 7" out soon

Holy shit... The Ice are fucking back !!! I just can't wait for their new 7" titled "Touching the void" to be released in November on Countdown Records ! The new songs on their myspace are awesooooooome if you ask me !

September 9, 2009

VIRGIN WITCH 7" pre-order

Virgin Witch is from California, sounds like a mix of Ringworm, Burning Witch & Celtic Frost and features members of Pulling Teeth and Skin Like Iron, enough said nah ?! Just go pre-order their upcoming 7" out on Free Cake Records here. This piece of thrashin' madness will be a one sided 7" with a screened B-side and will be strictly limited to 666, how evil is that !

SHUT THE FUCK UP New songs online

Shut The Fuck Up is a pretty cool band I recently discovered and consisting of ex-Blood In Blood Out members, and the tracks on their myspace are ill as all hell, more NYHC orientated than their previous band. I highly recommend to check them out !

LIFELESS New Jersey back on tha map

Bad news : "When These Days End" split up !
In my opinion, this band has been one of the best young NJHC bands from the past years. Check their old myspace and the interview I did a few years ago cuz it's still HOT :

Good news : four of these guys are back with a new band called "Lifeless".
It sounds heavier and way more metal with some very slow parts as well.
The 3 raw unmastered demo tracks that are listenable on their myspace are very well written and without any possible doubts : the NJHC touch is still very present. Check them out and keep your eyes open !


September 6, 2009


Our friends from Bulldog Courage just put on their myspace a new song off their upcoming 7" that will be released soon on Seasick Records ! Go peep that shit !

September 4, 2009

ALEA JACTA EST new album teaser

Enjoy the new breed of French Cancan fellaz !

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