March 28, 2009

SETBACK new cd coming out

New York Hardcore's Setback are back and will release in late April their new 7 song cd called "Unfinished business", go listen to two new songs on their myspace music player !

PAY NO RESPECT new cd out April 11th

UK's Pay No Respect will release their new 9 song cd "Fear profits man nothing" on April 11th at a show in Kent, UK with Ritual, Hang The Bastard & my friends from Paris, You Lose, and few others. I'm eager to listen to the whole cd, go check them out, it's def a good band !

FOR THE LOVE OF... Not on my watch

Simply amazing new tracks, you guys were missed ! Learn how to play good Heavy New School Hardcore here !

POUND FOR POUND covering Black Flag

Illinois' finest Pound For Pound just posted on their myspace a Black Flag "Depression" cover they recorded for a compilation ! Don't forget to check their latest full length called "Kill yourself" out on Filled With Hate Records, shit is hard, I still have copies in distro if you're interested !

March 27, 2009

KICKBACK new album video trailer

Kickback new album will be titled "Aging disgracefully", it will have 11 new songs on it and be released this next summer through GSR Music ! Check the album trailer on the video above, and the band still have three "new" songs on their myspace as well ! 

THE KILLER new cd in June

One of Chicago's Heaviest band, The Killer, will have their new full length out in June on Organized Crime Records ! Everything is recorded and mastered ! Really eager to hear this, as I have and love their past recordings !

March 26, 2009

BOXCUTTER pre-orders from Good Life

Finally, the pre-order packages for the new Boxcutter full length album are available through Good Life Recordings and their cool webstore here ! "The Ill Testament" will be out March 31st, limited first pressing of 1000 in super jewel case ! Go pre-order it now !

March 23, 2009

SHOGUN ASSASSIN new songs & cd

Shogun Assassin is a fucking good Heavy Harcore band from Canada I discovered a while ago, and they just put on their myspace 5 brand new songs taken from their upcoming debut full length titled "Destination". Very cool chugga chugga heavy new school hardcore, totally my cup of tea if you ask me ! Show them  some dedicated love from the NBAB Headquarters !

March 21, 2009

CONVICTED new demo 2009 free download

If you have to check out a band this week end, it's not by downloading the new Earth Crisis album on the net, but be sure to check out one of the best Heavy Hardcore bands comin' outta Chicago, I named Convicted ! The band just posted for free their 3 songs demo 2009 here, imagine a mix of old Earth Crisis & Earthmover and you kinda get the result, amazing and hard-as-nails !

March 20, 2009

TO KILL new song online

Italy's hardest band To Kill will release late April a brand new seven inch titled "Maelström" on Hurry Up Records. This 7" will feature two new songs, a re-recorded version of "1001 days" and a spoken word by Greg from Trial ! All the profits coming from the sale of this release will be donated to the Sea Sheperd Conservation Society. The band just put on their myspace one of the new songs, called "Heretic", go listen and enjoy !

March 19, 2009


Welcome to Against The Haze 'zine, a new cool paper hardcore fanzine comin' outta Limburg, Belgium. Against The Haze #1 is now available for free download here and I will try to get some printed copies for the webstore soon ! Cool content as well : interviews with Verse, Ceremony, Rhythm To The Madness, Blade and A Strength Within and some other cool stuff ! They're already planning their second issue for late June with interviews of Dirty Money, 50 Lions, xUnbreakablex, etc... more and more paper fanzines everyday, I love it !!!

HELL BURNS AWAY new preview song up

Hell Burns Away just posted an unmastered  version of one of their new song called "None to declare", the new album is coming out soon, stay tuned and show some support to this cool French Hardcore band influenced by Cruel Hand, Blacklisted, Cast Aside & Give Up The Ghost !

March 17, 2009

PULLING TEETH new cd drops this week

New album "Paranoid delusions | Paranoid illusions" drops this Friday ! Pre orders will be sent and shit ! Can't wait !

Buy at A389 Records (Limited Hologram 12" sold out - Regular 12" version coming soon)


Blind To Faith is a band featuring Amenra/Rise And Fall members, enough said... No seriously, they have just finished mixing their "The seven fat years are over" full length that will be out on Holy Terror Records in April ! Three new songs are on their myspace player... You're gonna buy this 12" shit !!!

March 16, 2009

TRASH TALK east of eden pre orders up

Pre orders for Trash Talk new 7" single "East of eden" are up here

WITHDRAWAL new song posted

One of my fave bands lately, Withdrawal from Winnipeg, Canada, just posted on their myspace a brand new song titled "Pray as lamb, Lamb as prey", taken from their upcoming "Unknown misery" 7" to be released early next summer ! If you love bands like All Out War, Ringworm, Integrity, Buried Alive, Catharsis,'ll worship these Canadians, trust me !

Lyrically, the band describes this song being "an explicit attack on christianity. In a world such as ours, there are only subtle differences between good and evil, but eventually when the end of days is upon us you'll have to choose a side"... Amen !

The band also have some new hand screened posters, featuring the design above, available from the cool dudes at Hellfish ! Buy one now, several colors, killer band and amazing company, support !

March 13, 2009

REIGN SUPREME new audio player

Two new songs off their highly awaited new full length have been added to their Deathwish audio player, listenable here through Deathwish website !

BRUTALITY WILL PREVAIL 12" pre-orders up

Brutality Will Prevail will finally release their new shit through Dead End Records soon. Titled "Forgotten soul", you can now pre-orders the 12" LP through Dead End Records BigCartel here. Lots of pre-orders packages, buy one !

Also take note that it will be released on Purgatory Records (BWP singer's label) on cd, available here with some BWP merch !

March 12, 2009

WORSHIP new track up

Worship outta Southern California just put on their myspace a new song called "The terrible ones horse" off their upcoming LP that is going to be released in May. You can already download for free their Demo 2008 from their website here. Killer band if you ask me !

March 11, 2009

RUCKUS live video

Ruckus from Los Angeles, California. One of my fave "new" bands, their new cd is ill !

The tracks displayed on this live video are : Resist intro (All Out War), Fools Die, Song of self, Purge. Enjoy !

SCREAMIN SILENCE new cd preview

My german friend Toni and his band Screamin Silence just posted on their myspace a preview off their upcoming "Bad mood" full length cd coming out on Beatdown Hardwear sometimes soon !

March 10, 2009

FOLSOM new cd

Folsom new full length called "Hammer lane" will be out next summer... LVHC mofos ! Support one of the coolest guys around !

NO LOVE LOST new songs

No Love Lost just posted two new unmastered songs on their myspace and is a really cool Heavy Hardcore band from Sydney, Australia, you have to check them out. My friend Pilks is singing in this band, and also running Dogfight Records with another cool dude named Trent... France/Australia connection !!!

March 9, 2009


Queens, NY's legends Denied are going to have some studio time to record some old and new songs in the upcoming weeks, best news ever !!! More infos soon !


This year, Pressure Festival will have TWO fests, one in late June (final flyer below) aka The Club Show, and a bigger one in early August named The Real Deal with bands confirmed as of now : Madball, Death Before Dishonor, H2O, Reign Supreme, Iron Age, xRhinocerosx, RZL DZL and few more...

COPYKILL are fucking back

The almighty Copykill from Germany are back with new songs, new merch, and a possible split cd with their friends from End Of Days ! One of the best & hardest band ever around, get into it if you don't know them !

March 6, 2009


My friend Mehdi will release late March a new release with his band Tromatized Youth, which will be a 10 song split cd with 25 Ta Life, out on Mehdi's label HardcoreTrooper Records !

INTEGRITY new song

It's featured on the new Deathwish/Malfunction/Six Feet Under Records free digital sampler 2009, the song is called "Learn to love the lie" and taken from their upcoming new full length "The blackest curse"...

Go download the full awesome sampler through Deathwish here ! 
A loooot of new & unreleased songs !!!

L'ESPRIT DU CLAN Chapitre IV out now

L'Esprit Du Clan just released their newest audio offering : 
"Chapitre IV : L'enfer c'est le nôtre". Buy it !

HELLFEST 2009 final line up

More infos here : - Hellfest TV - Hellfest Shop

March 5, 2009

TRASH TALK new single

Trash Talk are now putting the final mixing touches to their new single entitled "East of eden" that will be out soon on Trash Talk Collective ! For those who still don't know them, check their songs on myspace :

March 4, 2009


Belgian's from Rise And Fall have revealed the title track of their upcoming third full length album, it's gonna be called "Our circle is vicious", and will start recording it next week with Kurt Ballou at God City Studios. Go to their myspace to check the "Making of" videos !

YOUR DEMISE new full length album

UK's very own Your Demise will release on April 20th their brand new full length cd called "Ignorance never dies" on Visible Noise. Go listen now to the new song "Burnt tongues" on the band's myspace !

A389 & CHAINSAW SAFETY RECORDS free sampler 2009

Download it here ... Amazing labels, bands, songs, (upcoming) releases !


Everybody Gets Hurt's "Red eyed devil" song goes dub !!! Check it out here !

BET THE DEVIL (ex-Next Step Up , Darkest Hour...)

Bet The Devil is a pretty interesting new band featuring the following dudes :
JR Glass (ex-Next Step Up & Wake Up Cold) - vocals
Aaron Martinek (ex-Next Step Up) - bass
Mike Knauer (ex-Unyoung Heroes & Mobtown Hooligans) - guitar
Chuck Collins (ex-Trephine & Soaphammer) - guitar
Matt Maben (ex-Darkest Hour, Wake Up Cold & Hell To Pay) - drums

Not bad uhhh !?! No songs online yet, but you can check some cool rehearsal videos here !

FOR THE GLORY European Tour

For The Glory will tour in Europe from late March till mid April with their country mates from Day Of The Dead, thanks to Onward Agency for bringing them through Europe cuz for us at NBAB, For The Glory is simply one of the best European Heavy Hardcore band nowadays !

VULTURES another new song up

Our friends from Portugal, Vultures, just posted on their myspace a second song taken from their upcoming release droppin' out soon !
I still love so much Rui's vocals (from For The Glory & Twenty Inch Burial fame), you really should check this band out !

March 3, 2009


Holla at our FWH brothers... E-Town fuckin' Concrete !!!


Our friends from Strength For A Reason just posted on their myspace a brand new song off their upcoming "Burden of hope" full length due out this Spring on As One Records (USA) and Filled With Hate Records (Europe), the new track is called "Reality check" !

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