February 27, 2009

BOXCUTTER new tracks & new cd

BFL's very own Boxcutter will have their highly anticipated third new full length release out early April in the US on Screaming Crow Records, shit is called "The ill testament" and you can already listen to two amazing new tracks, "BFL soldier" & "Ghetto story Part 2", on the band myspace ! I think it will be released at the same time in Europe through Good Life Recordings.

February 26, 2009

GOLDEN DISTRICT new song & artwork preview

Next Nothing But A Beatdown Records release, Golden District's "Heavier than King Kong's Nutz" full length, will be out in a month and a half ! The band posted on their myspace a new song off the album, called "World collapse", as well as a preview of the cover artwork !

CHEAP THRILLS new 7" preview

Germany's Cheap Thrills just uploaded on ther myspace player a preview for their upcoming new seven inch, go check it out ! Little snippet rules hard !




A lot of new stuff will be released this year by one of the best heavy hardcore label existing, look at the amazing list : Terror "The damned & the shamed" limited picture-disc LP, Terror "Blood tracks demos" seven inch, Born From Pain "Warfare" limited edition 5 song seven inch, Death Threat "Lost at sea" new 4 song seven inch, It's Alive "Reincarnage" debut 10", new releases from Maximum Penalty, Trapped Under Ice & Borrowed Time and lotsa more... prepare your wallets and your paypal accounts ahah !

NAYSAYER seven inch out soon

Naysayer, Richmond, Virginia's newest addition to the Reaper Records roster, will have their "No remorse" debut 6 song seven inch out early April, and maybe a bit sooner for the United Blood Fest late March !

February 24, 2009

EARTH CRISIS new song up

Heavy Hardcore legends' Earth Crisis just posted on their myspace a brand new song titled "To ashes" from their upcoming all new full length album "To the death" ! Shit will be out on Century Media late April in Europe and early May in the US. The song is pretty cool, it was about time !!!

February 22, 2009

ENDWELL new cd pre-order

Endwell's new full length titled "Consequences" will be out April 21st on Mediskare, the pre-order packages are now available on the label online store ! The band put a new song called "The bridge" on their myspace player, go check it out, they're playing some phat Metallic Hardcore directly from the Queens, New York !

OUT FOR REVENGE free EP download

Here we have a pretty sick and hard-working heavy hardcore band comin' from Arizona, USA. Out For Revenge and NBAB Blog have the pleasure to share their latest "Gladiator academy" 6 song EP for free download here

If you're into bands like North Side Kings, Madball, Hoods and the likes, you'll dig these cool dudes and their new EP ! And you've got some Danny (North Side Kings singer) and Rick Ta Life vocal featurings as well. Go download the EP and show some support to the band !

February 21, 2009


Vultures is a new band from Portugal featuring For The Glory members. They will have their debut self-titled EP out real soon on We Love Pandas Records, more infos soon through this NBAB Blog, but now just go listen on their myspace to their song "Mark my words". The band will post a second track next week, we will keep you updated on this new promising band !

CUTDOWN new cd pre-order

One of my fave band from Finland, Hell-sinki's very own Cutdown, will have their brand new and second full length cd out in a few days on Fullhouse Records ! Expect 10 new songs of the hardest heavy hardcore style you'll find nowadays, still with their amazing grooves, danceable-as-fuck parts and their incredible singer !!!

You can go listen to two new songs on the band myspace here, and one more new song on the label myspace here. Pre-order now the Cutdown "s/t" new cd 2009 through the label webshop here, the release should be out late February, so in a few days !


After a well-acclaimed demo, Enemy Mind from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, released their debut full length self titled cd few months ago. Our friend Beebe is playing guitar for them and you also find an ex-End Of Humanity member in the band.

No weak-ass bullshit with them, you got your dose of old fashioned heavy hardcore mixed with some more technical brutal death elements, think One Second Thought, No Retreat, Built Upon Frustration, Irate & Punch Your Face ! The band is currently writing new stuff, so be on the lookout for a new killer offering !

As of now, simply go to their myspace page and buy their debut cd and/or some merch, support real hard-working underground bands like them !


My bro Thomas introduced me to this new kinda all-star line up band last year, and they recently put two new songs on their myspace here. Indeed, last April 2008, Thomas went to a Wisdom In Chains/SOIA show, and Mike Cool who was on tour with them told Thomas about his new band and how impressive was the line up : Karl from Earth Crisis/Path Of Resistance/Freya, ex-members of Everybody Gets Hurt, Sworn Enemy, Mindset, Subzero and him as well (this guy played the bass in Cold As Like, Merauder, Terror, and the list goes on...), I have seen worst bands ahah !


The Judas Syndrome is a pretty new band comin' outta New York City and features in its rank ex-members from Afflitus, Stifling Neglect and the former Irate singer !!! The vocals are still as hard as they were in the mighty Irate, though now the music is more metal/deathcore influenced, maybe a harder version of God Forbid !?!

I post you here both their tracks for free download (it's on their myspace as well), so check them out and enjoy listening (right click and save target as) :


Long time NYHC veterans from the Bronx/NY, 4 In The Chamber recently decided to stop the band after 14 years of existence, but the founding members of the band already started a new fresh project called Unstable Foundation (title of the very first 4ITC mcd back in 1997) !

They are now searching for a vocalist, hit them up if you're from the New York area and are a serious dude !

February 20, 2009

YOUR TIME ENDS free demo download

I'm really in love with Your Time Ends since I discovered them and their "World omega" 2008 demo, and as they put their demo for free download on their myspace, I asked their singer Jaakko (also responsible for the cool Ill Intentions Fanzine) and he told me it was ok to put it here on the NBAB Blog as well !

This young band from Finland got NYHC influences from bands such as Merauder, Leeway, Cro Mags and the likes, you will thank me enough after hearing the four tracks contained on their demo !!!

Download the Your Time Ends "World omega" demo 2008 here.


The brand new website and store will be online in a few hours !
Support these sweet dudes, awesome bands, top-notch quality merch !


This year Free Edge Fest is going to be mad good again, just check the 2 days line up, and go support two Nothing But A Beatdown Records bands playing on Saturday : For The Glory from Portugal and Alea Jacta Est from Toulouse, France !

You can now buy and order online your tickets through the Free Edge Conspiracy website here !

VALENS free demo download

Here's Valens, a pretty new band from New Jersey, featuring members of The Banner, Pellinore & Troublemaker. They're playing a nice Doomish & Sludgy Hardcore aka the new hardcore hypish musical style...go download their 2008 demo for free here and enjoy !

February 19, 2009

SUFFER THE LIVING new myspace launched

Our fellaz from Suffer The Living just put online their newly designed myspace, please go check it out, and if you haven't bought yet their debut full length titled "War is all I know" out on Filled With Hate Records, do yourself a favor and go buy it through the FWH Shop or wait few days and get it directly from us once we received our trade package !

For those who don't know, Suffer The Living features in their line up Rich (ex-Redline guitar player), Al & Chris (first Shattered Realm drummer/singer) and Karl aka "Tha Evilest Guitar Hero Masta" !
After a few years of hard work, a debut demo, re-edited in a very limited 50 copies press through FWH little brother Stainless Steel Industries, the guys finally have their debut cd out and believe me it's fucking insane hard-hitting New Jersey Metallic Hardcore, just imagine a cross between old Shattered Realm & Killswitch Engage !

IRON MIND debut mcd pre-order

Iron Mind is a pretty new & very promising band from Australia (again the Aussies, they've got a lot of good bands and labels coming out lately !), playing an intense NYHC style with Biohazard, Leeway & Integrity hints as well. They will release soon through Suppression Records their six tracks debut "The sun has set" mini-cd, the pre-order packages are available directly through the label Big Cartel store here, though I will try to get some copies for the NBAB Distro/Webstore !

February 18, 2009

STRENGTH FOR A REASON European Tour and new records

A mad ton of news as well from our PA & BFL brothers Strength For A Reason ! First, we'll have the chance to see them coming back to Europe for a small tour called "The Burden Of Hope Tour" with Germany's Cheap Thrills in late June/early July, check the infos and tour dates on the official tour myspace here

The band are nearly done with their upcoming 11 tracks full length cd titled "Burden of hope", just need one more mastering session, and then the final product will be sent to the labels, Filled With Hate Records for Europe and As One Records for the USA.

But before the full length release, SFAR will have two split 7" out : first one with Cold World on As One Records and the second one with No Turning Back on Filled With Hate Records, this last one being a limited picture disc 7" !!!

BROTHERS FOR LIFE...enough said for me !!! Support !!!


One of my fave newest bands, Bad Seed from Pennsylvania, USA have a lot coming out ! They have a new song featured on the new Reaper Records masterpiece, I mean the "Mercy for none - A hardcore compilation" 7"inch (also with new tracks from Brick, Alpha & Omega, Absolute Madness, Unforgiven & Naysayer !!!) just out few weeks ago...buy your copy directly from the Reaper Records store here.

They will have their new and debut 7" out on 6131 Records for the United Blood Fest 2009 happening late March !

They are already writing for another 7" to come out next Fall, and as they said "We are never doing an LP".

Plus lots of week end tours, small tours and lotsa new merch...peep it !


Our dear Australian friends from Dogfight Records just announced the signing of Aussies xThe Warx and so their next release that will be their newest mini-cd titled "Confront", out by April 2009. The band put three new songs from the upcoming mini-cd on their myspace !

February 17, 2009

SEEKERS OF THE TRUTH new full length

One of the best Hardcore bands ever to come out from France, Seekers Of The Truth, are finally back with a brand new full length cd called "2 Decades shunning masks", 20 brand new songs after 20 years of existence !!! Out real soon, and I'll try to get some copies for the NBAB Shop that will be online one day soon as well !

MOTHER OF MERCY 2 new songs

Pennsylvania's Mother Of Mercy have two new songs that can be heard on their label Six Feet Under Records myspace. New CD/LP coming out in March.


You all know my maniacal addiction to '90s hardcore fanzines, so here we go with two scans I found on the net lately, from the almighty Even The Score Fanzine :

Download issue #2 here.
Download issue #4 here.

And a reminder to you all, if you have any old hardcore fanzines that you can scan, or know some links, please contact us and we'll share them on the NBAB Blog !

Cuz this is real hardcore history that has to be known !

DAY OF SUFFERING reunion show

Directly taken from the official band myspace page, posted on January 28th : "So...I believe we are going to finally do a reunion show sometime at the end of Summer... August/September. We are trying to find a place to do it. We want to do it in North Carolina. We are also trying to find bands to play the show. We'll keep you posted."

Just got a massive hard-on... The Eternal Jizzhad ! (sorry about that ahah !) 

February 16, 2009

FILLED WITH HATE Festival 2009

Our eternal German brothers from Filled With Hate Records announced the line up, dates and other infos for this year Filled With Hate Festival, pre-sales start real soon ! 
Any further infos and questions by contacting info@17stitches.com !  

Date & Location : 
Saturday 2 May 2009
Jze Papestr, Essen, Germany
Jugendzentrum Essen
Papestr. 1
46147 Essen
Doors 12pm - Start 13pm

Bands :
UNIT 731
+ 1 more TBA

Also happening, expect a pre-show "Karaoke Mosh Party" in Duisburg on the May 1st !

February 14, 2009

WITHDRAWAL news, tour and 7"

Winnipeg, Canada's Holy Terror worshippers Withdrawal are going on tour in March in their country (see flyer and dates above), and have nearly completed the recording on their debut "Unknown misery" 7inch that will be released this next Spring on Wendigo Recordings.

The seven inch will feature artwork from artist Ryan Eyestone (who also designed stuff for Outbreak, Trash Talk, The Carrier & Grave Maker...) and will contains 6 brand new songs, here is what the band has to say about the new recordings : "it's shaping out to be 6 songs of metallic hardcore  that will molest your ears with tinges of thrash metal, psychedelic uneasyness, and epic doom. We've progressed without scaling back any of our scathe." 
Here's the tracklist (subject to any last minute changes) :

1. Prey as lamb, lamb as prey
2. The hanneman king
3. Luminaire
4. Curse of gemini
5. Unto this world
6. Unknown misery

Support this awesome & young band or be drown into flames !!!

February 13, 2009

8CONTROL new shirt

My friends from Toulouse and Nothing But A Beatdown Records band 8Control have a new shirt design available at their Big Cartel store, go buy it here for 10 € + shipping and you get a free poster ! Support these cool dudes, and if you didn't get it yet, download their "Catharsis" album for free on their website !

Adidas X Revelation Records

While checking some news on wear/sneakers blogs, I found this "funny" one : a collaboration between Adidas and well known hardcore label Revelation Records !!!

More infos and an interview with Jordan Cooper (owner of Revelation Records) on Crooked Tongues website, read the whole article here.

February 11, 2009

RUCKUS "Human Pollution" out now

My man Toni from Beatdown Hardwear just got the copies from his new label release, the Ruckus "Human Pollution" 7 tracks mcd. If you love your Heavy Hardcore tainted with '90s influences from bands like All Out War, Merauder & Fury Of Five, you'll be blown away by this awesome band from Los Angeles, California ! They even cover Fury Of Five "Taste the steel" ahah holy shit, I will have to get some copies for the NBAB Distro asap !!!

FOR THE LOVE OF... new song

Any of you guys remember this New Jersey band from the '90s with their "Feasting on the will of humanity" cd and "In consequence" mcd out on Ferret ?! Damn this band was so good !!! They just put a brand new song called "Diamond ray" on their myspace !!! 

Ah yeah, they also got Mike Olender (ex-Burnt By The Sun) on vocals now... Dunno about any release date or anything else, but just wanted to share this amazing news, even more cuz the track is amazing & very promising for the band's future recording !!!

CLENCHED FIST new songs & new cd

"Welcome To Memphis"...Tennessee, home of the one & only Clenched Fist ! This band has to be one of the hardest bands around and they are finally coming back with a brand new full length cd recorded in last December in Memphis in the same studio where ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Led Zeppelin, Three 6 Mafia, amongst others, recorded some stuff as well !

The recording is nearly completed, the band is now in studio to track the vocals, and as they say, I really think we can expect 10 tracks of some of the hardest shit we will ever hear !!! I think the album is going to be titled "Just Like Roaches" and expect it someday soon in 2009 !

The band posted 3 new songs on their myspace as well as an album preview, make your ears bleed here :

YOU LOSE! Euro Winter Tour 2009

Our good friends from Paris, You Lose!, are going this next Friday 13th (!!!) on their first ever European Tour from February 13th to March 1st, so if they play near your area, go see them live, spend some hard-earned cash on their debut mcd and buy a shirt ! Cool dudes and smooth hardcore influenced by Allegiance & Trapped Under Ice, so pretty sure you'll dig it !

They also launched a killer new myspace layout here !

February 10, 2009


I ordered this fanzine a while ago and since then always wanted to share on this NBAB Blog my opinion on Pim's (Said And Done singer) debut issue, so here we go...

What came in mind first once I received this massive 88 A4pages 'zine was "Holy shit, phat first issue, very nicely designed layout-wise and it seems to have tons of stuff to read !!!", and after having read this Some Will Never Know #1 three times as of now, I'm still highly impressed by the amazing work Pim had to do to complete such a hardcore fanzine masterpiece !

So let's talk about the content, no reviews and who cares when you have such awesome in-depth interviews with interesting fellows : Jonah Jenkins (Only Living Witness, Milligram, Miltown, Raw Radar War), Patrick Kitzel (True Blue, Reaper Records, Spawn), Harm Haverman (Reaching Forward, Razor Crusade, Modern Life Is War), Andrew Westerhouse (Aversionline.com, Due Process), Ronald Boorsma (Not Just Words Records), Sean Riley (1917 Records), Rob Huiskes (Light The Fuse), Didier Baert (Losing Streak), Wouter Jansen (Permanent Mark, Clocked In zine), as well as really interesting "How To..." guides and few columns here and there... according to me, most of these being some of the best "hardcore" readings ever !

Just one more thing to add, I highly recommend to pick this up asap through Pim's cool distro here for only 3,50 € + shipping !

Good news is that Pim already started working on issue #2...more news about this later !

February 9, 2009

BLACK SPIRALS new song online

BLACK SPIRALS is a pretty new band from Paris influenced by such American acts as Trash Talk & Bracewar, please go have an attentive listen to their new song "Still sick" recorded this previous Sunday at their basement !
In my opinion, one of the most promising French Hardcore bands nowadays, and they will play their very first show on March 8th in Paris opening for Vitamin X, and two days after playing with Grave Maker still in Paris ! Keep an eye on them and spread their myspace link !!!


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