April 28, 2009

KICKBACK No Surrender new full length

Kickback will release their brand new and highly expected "No surrender" 11 track full length in June on GSR Music ! "This is for us, this is not for you"...

April 22, 2009

SUFFER THE LIVING called it quits

Just saw that on their myspace, read the whole shit here ! Pffffff.....

April 20, 2009

WITHDRAWAL 7" artwork revealed

My holy terrorists buddies from Canada, Withdrawal, recently posted the cover artwork of their highly expected debut 7" titled "Unknown misery" that will hopefully be out in July...pre-orders infos soon ! Support 'em at all costs and show 'em some love from the NBAB Headquarters !

BLACK SPIRALS demo in the works

My good friends from Paris, Black Spirals, are soon done with their demo recording and the whole artwork is being finalized ! Expect an awesome and very promising demo...more infos to be announced ! 

April 18, 2009

LZR... be ready !

LZR, Rouen Heavy Hardcore at its finest, influenced by All Out War, Day Of Suffering, Irate and Six Ft Ditch, will soon record some songs and a video clip ! We'll keep you updated on this promising French band !

8CONTROL new video teaser

8Control just unleashed a video teaser for their new stuff to come out real soon... It's going to be titled "You should have cared" and will features 3 brand new songs ! Support this awesome dedicated French Heavy Hardcore band !

FOLSOM another new song up & tours

My friends from Folsom posted a second new song off their upcoming new album, shit is called "True Romance" and is truly amazing ! The band will also tour the US in May/June with Lionheart, and will next head up to Europe again in August ! 

AMENRA in Paris soon...

Sludgy/Doomish night June 8th in Paris, be there !

THE KILLER new song up

The Killer from Chicago returns and just posted a brand new track called "It's easy", taken from their upcoming full length  "Not all who are lost..." that will be out June 23rd on Organized Crime Records ! New song is so good and addictive !

April 9, 2009


Embraced By Hatred - Germany - Myspace

Surge Of Fury - Belgium - Myspace

TRC - UK - Myspace

Six Ft Ditch - UK - Myspace

BLIND TO FAITH 12" pre-order online

Blind To Faith "The seven fat years are over" 12" pre-order has been put online last night through the Holy Terror Records webstore here. Just to remind you, Blind To Faith contains members of Amenra and Rise & Fall, and are influenced by Gehenna, Ringworm and G.I.S.M. !

The pre-order is limited to 250 copies and will include : clear 12" vinyl exclusive, a silver embroidered  Blind To Faith logo patch and an exclusive for this pre-order Integrity/AVM "Split" 7"...what are you waiting for, they'll be going quick...

CHEAP THRILLS full new 7" streaming

Only for a short period on their myspace here ! That Next Step Up "Fall from grace" cover is so hard, it's insane ! Support them, and pre-order their new 7", see the post below for more infos !

April 8, 2009

BOLT new full length out soon

Hell-sinki's hardest are finally back with a new release ! This new Bolt full length will be out late April still on Fullhouse Records, you can now check out new songs on the band and the label myspace pages !

April 7, 2009

CHEAP THRILLS new song & pre-order

Cheap Thrills have a new song up on their label myspace here ! Pre-orders are also up through Powertrip Records, damn... can't wait for their show in Paris with Strength For A Reason on July 4th !

COALESCE new songs up & new cd infos

Coalesce just posted on their myspace page here two new amazing songs taken from their upcoming new release called "OX" that will be out next June through Relapse Records !

April 3, 2009

FOLSOM new song up

Our fellaz from Folsom just posted on their myspace a brand new song called "Oxycontin & Jupiler"... new album coming this summer, so stoked ! Europe Tour again as well ?!

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